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As mentioned elsewhere the instrument of foundation stipulates precisely who can apply for grants and for which purposes, see below:

The instrument of foundation, § 5
"The purpose of the foundation ls via grants to support the children of merchant L. Hammerich and wife Ellen, née Liisberg, and their descendants (including adoptive children). Furthermore, help can be rendered to said persons' children and also to spouses/cohabiters and to widows/widowers.
The foundation is mainly to serve for the remedy of need or help in case of illness and old age, in the alternative to serve to help for studies, further education or be used for travelling grants or more alternatively to be used for other purposes, all for the persons mentioned in article 1 above."

The board of the foundation aims to give out the economic means available in the current situation as well as possible. Consequently an applicant cannot automatically expect to receive a grant despite the fact that he/she or others have previously received one on a similar basis. In case an applicant has not received a grant, this has to be considered a refusal. It is always possible to apply at a later time.

The board is bound by professional secresy, and the applicant’s personal information will be dealt with in confidence and in accordance with the EU personal data regulation, effective from May 25, 2018.

The foundation’s personal data policy is based on documentation from the web site of Valdal Advokatfirma, Please notice that the policy in question includes all the foundations under administration by the lawfirm. The resposible legal body is CVR. No. 53518117 for this foundation. By sending an application to the foundation the applicant consents to the personal data policy.

Decisions by the board of the foundation cannot be appealed. According to the the instrument only the board can give grants, for which reason payment cannot be subject to legal claim.

Applications ought to be written on the foundation's application form which is a writable pdf-form to be downloaded via this link. The application can be filled out directly but not saved on the pc after completion. The form is shown in Adobe Reader which ought to be updated to the latest version. Print the completed form and make a copy. Then sign and forward either a scanned version by e-mail or by mail to the administrator of the foundation including relevant documentation such as recent approved tax return (for the beneficiary of a grant). This documentation, however, is not necessary in cases of grant applications for childbirth, confirmation or wedding.

As a principal rule applications will only be accepted once per calendar year, and it is considered essential that the figure applied for is specified. Applications must arrive at the latest on May 15th respectively November 15th to be in time for the foundation's two annual meetings in June and December.