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Over the years donations from family and company slowly increased the basic capital, making it possible to give grants or scholarships to family members as well as employees, mainly to meet economic needs, illness and especially education. In the 1970'es and 80'es a number of family menbers donated their share holdings in the company to the foundation, which thereby gradually became a desicive shareholder in the family business.

When the family company, in which the foundation had become a major share holder, was sold in 1988 to a board member outside the family, the liquid capital of the foundation was substantially increased.

At the same time the original purpose had to be revised. During a lengthy series of negotiations with company representatives in connection with the rectification of a new legal platform the then chairman of the board, Holger Hendriksen did an admirable effort to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Today the foundation is solely a family foundation aiming to support mainly economic needs, illness and education on the part of the ever growing family as well as running the farm Provstgaarden.