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In 1947 - a few days after her 81st birthday - Louis Hammerich's widow Ellen Hammerich donated to the foundation the farm "Provstgaarden" in Mols Bjerge near Ebeltoft along with a bank account holding DKK 12,500, not a small amount at the time. The estate of approx. 54 hectares had originally been bought by L. Hammerich during World War I to serve as a holiday resort for members of the family.

Luxuries were nonexistent, and it was not until the fifties that running water was put in. Until then water had to be hand pumped from the well. Water was scarce, and during hot summers the well could dry out for weeks, and water had to be brought in daily by horse carriage on the milk route. Up to the mid-sixties a tenant farmer and his family lived on the farm leaving only a limited area for the visiting family to stay in. However, those were the conditions of the time, and everybody loved it.


Deed of gift 1947

Today the estate is handsomely restored and a highly regarded and very popular holiday destination in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas in the country. On our property one of the most breathtaking views in the country can be seen.

For more information about Provstgården, including the request for holiday stays, see Provstgården.