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Provstgaarden is a typical Danish Mols farm from the middle of the 1870'es. The beautiful area towards east called Haalen is totally preserved. Above left you see Haalen in 1940 and right in 2009 after the Council of Syddjurs' recent clearance of the area of broom shrub and bracken.

This area has since the 70'ies been grazed freely by cattle and later also by sheep in a co-operation between the preservation authorities and Aarhus County. Years back Haalen was used as grazing by the horses of the farm and during summer by the horses from the mounted part of the family. The area has lately gained status as a EU habitat area, and in consequence of this it underwent a radical clean-up in the spring 2006 in a so-called Natura 2000-project headed by the former Aarhus Amt, thus bringing Haalen back to its original appearance as a light-open common. Thereby a favourable status of preservation can be maintained to the benefit of original  rare insects, plants and the animal life. A few years back Haalen was grazed by Iceland ponies. In November 2014 we have got the originally Irish Dexter cattle as all year logers.

From the top of the hill Haalebakken you have the most breathtaking view over the area below, Ebeltoft Bay and the area around the town and as far away as the wind mills by the ferry port.